Robin van Ee

Programming languages and skills

- C#
- C / C++
- HLSL / Unity Shaderlab
- Java
- ActionScript / Flash
- TypeScript / JavaScript
- HaXe
- Unity
- Visual Studio
- XCode

IKC Studio

I currently work at IKC Studio, where I develop mobile games and other apps.
At IKC Studio my tasks include programming, game design, writing shaders, building for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and occasionally some 3D modeling or 2D illustration.
Check us out on the App Store or on Google Play!

The Game Train


WolfEngine is a 2D game engine, written in C++ over the course of a year.

The primary intention of WolfEngine was to create a tile-based 2D game engine, with an editor akin to Tiled or RPG Maker, but with all the features of a fully fledged game engine. Cross-platform compatibility was also one of the goals. Although the tile editor was never finished, some of the other goals (like cross-platform compatibility) were met.

WolfEngine can be built for Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux and Android and is easily portable to almost any other platform. It has an Entity Component System (ECS) for easily adding features to a game. Because of this system, the engine can easily be expanded upon while keeping the codebase clean.

You can find the source code on Github under the Apache 2.0 license.

Minion Mundo

Minion Mundo is a project I made together with students from Hogeschool Windesheim. It's purpose is to teach students about Human Resource Management.

My contribution was mostly Artificial Intelligence, User Interface (both graphical design and implementation) and many different gameplay elements.

Minion Mundo